Calories Calories Calories

Do you watch what you put into your body? Pro athletes watch what they consume daily. Athletes that want to be the best and that train everyday. Need to consume lots of calories and not just any calories they need to consume the best calories in order to train and prepare the proper way and to perform the best they can. On average a professional athlete will consume four thousand calories a day. When the average human being is only suppose to consume around 2,500. Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is known to consume twelve thousand calories a day. That is six times the normal amount for an average human. These pro athletes aren’t chugging dews or eating junk food. They’re getting these calories by eating foods high in protein. They do this so their muscles are able to recover quickly and become stronger than they were before. Athletes also need to stay hydrated. It is very important for them to maintain being hydrated otherwise they will get muscle cramps. Athletes usually workout daily and it’s usually an intense workout so the extra calories they consume is much needed.


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