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Do you watch what you put into your body? Pro athletes watch what they consume daily. Athletes that want to be the best and that train everyday. Need to consume lots of calories and not just any calories they need to consume the best calories in order to train and prepare the proper way and to perform the best they can. On average a professional athlete will consume four thousand calories a day. When the average human being is only suppose to consume around 2,500. Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is known to consume twelve thousand calories a day. That is six times the normal amount for an average human. These pro athletes aren’t chugging dews or eating junk food. They’re getting these calories by eating foods high in protein. They do this so their muscles are able to recover quickly and become stronger than they were before. Athletes also need to stay hydrated. It is very important for them to maintain being hydrated otherwise they will get muscle cramps. Athletes usually workout daily and it’s usually an intense workout so the extra calories they consume is much needed.


To make it to state.

Bottom of the ninth you’re up to bat it’s full count. The crowd is roaring behind you. This is the section finals and the opportunity to advance to the state tournament. You can’t hear anything everyone is screaming. You block out all the noise and it suddenly becomes quite. The pitcher winds up it’s almost like this moment is going in slow motion. The ball is released from his hand you see the ball coming right down the middle. Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.57.02 AMYou swing as hard as you can and watch the bat hit the ball and the ball bounces off of the bat and flies into the air. You watch the ball soar out over the outfield. The outfielder chasing it down. The ball flies right past the fence and it’s a homerun. You hear your teammates screaming as you run around the bases. Everyone is going crazy even the fans. As you touch home plate your team jumps on you and surrounds you screaming cause you just won the section finals and you’re going to state. Imagine the pressure that is on you during this moment. You feel pressure all the time during sports and baseball is one sport that you see the players under a lot of pressure.

Get What You Put In

Have you ever heard the saying you only get what you put in? That saying is so true. There are people in this world that are naturally good at a sport, but to be great or to get to the top you need to put in the work. I have had a lot of success in sports not individually but as a team. This last summer I decided to play baseball again.screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-8-19-04-am In the town I live in we split all the kids that play babe ruth league into two different groups. I got put into a group with a couple other kids in my grade and some kids in the grade below me. We started off the season pretty good we had some strong players and some people who weren’t as good. Together we worked as a team and we definitely pushed each other and motivated each other to play harder or work harder to make the play. We attended the 2016 babe ruth state tournament. We played as a team throughout the whole entire tournament. We ended up winning the whole thing. We were state champs! That summer we put in a lot of work as a team. Playing as a team the whole time getting closer to one another always joking around with each other and always getting along really enjoying the sport. We made sure everyone felt welcome on the team and everyone knew that they had a part in the team and always had a job to do. We were dominating other teams. All the hard work we had put in as a team payed off and we got what we put in.

What is bravery to you?

Walking into a stadium seventy five thousand spectators and it is just you and your teammates, your brothers vs. your enemy and his team. Spectators are watching you work your hardest to beat the your enemy. If you play football and want to be successful you need to be brave. What is bravery too you? Going out onto a field in front of thousands of people knowing you’re going to be put to the test. Being a running back and trying to run through the linemen that are twice your size and are stronger than you? Running as fast as you can trying to get away from the defensive players  to catch the ball being thrown too you not caring how hard you get hit when you jump in the air, but to just catch the ball for your team. Going against someone you know is better than you they are bigger than you faster than you. Bravery is a key aspect in sports and it is one of the best mindsets to have when playing a sport. There are many other ways to be brave like facing fears, fighting for your country, or even just in different sports like wrestling you need to go out on the mat and wrestle your hardest against someone that’s the same size as you. It’s just you and him both fighting for your teams. Bravery is a very important thing and can help you overcome a lot of things throughout your lifetime. 

Authority comes with big responsibility

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.10.45 PM.pngHaving the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Having authority over people comes with big responsibility. Authority can be used in many ways. You can abuse authority or use it in the way that is fair. Football coaches have authority over their players and they help them by pushing them and practicing things that they may struggle with. Coaches can abuse their authority also by pushing their athletes too far and not giving them a break or not building a relationship with them. Coaches can also use their authority in the right way like pushing their athletes far enough where they are getting better and improving and also building good relationships with his athletes. There are other ways authority is used in the sport of football. The quarterback has authority over the whole team. He calls the plays and he needs to make sure every player knows what’s going on and he needs to make sure he reads the play right in order to make the play work. When you have authority it comes with responsibility. Since the quarterback on a football team has authority over other players he needs to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and that the play works the way it was suppose to. Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 1.10.26 PM.png

Overcoming Struggles

Fear is a scary thing, everybody has their own fears. Their are all sorts of fears that people have. Fears I am going to talk about are fears that many people face while playing sports. Many people fear things in sports such as getting tackled in football, getting hit with a baseball in baseball, or fear losing in any sports that they are playing. Fears are a normal thing in life. One of my biggest fears athletically is not reaching my full potential. I want to be the best i’m able to be. I want to reach my goals that I have in life. It is very important to me that I fulfill the dreams/ goals that I want to achieve in my lifetime.screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-44-03-pm  I also fear not reaching other people’s expectations of me. It is a big fear of mine by letting people around me down. Family and friends are a big part of my life and I fear letting them down. Fears are things you have to face in everyday life. Facing your fears can be a scary thing but you are never unable to overcome the things you fear. Fears are not just in sports. Fears are all around you.screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-38-46-pm There are fears in your life that you might have to face everyday. People fear many different things, some people fear not succeeding in life or not reaching goals in life that they’ve had ever sense they were little, some people fear animals like spiders or bats, some people fear other people. Fear is a normal thing that everybody in the world has. Don’t be afraid to face your fears, you can overcome anything.


There are more than three point five million injuries from just sports a year. People have died from sports and got seriously injured. Sports can really affect your future in many ways. If you get hurt while playing a sport that injury could affect you for the rest of your life, you could have back problems or head injuries for the rest of your life that could really cause problems for your future.It has been a big deal lately how much physical sports can really change your life in the future.


Most people who play physical sports are challenged everyday when they get older they have back problems and if they break a bone while playing it could affect the area that the bone was broken in. One of the biggest concerns is head injuries playing contact sports is very dangerous and being safe is a very important thing to do while playing contact sports. Sports can change your future in a good way too. If you are very successful at a sports and you enjoy them and that’s something that you would like to do in the future you could play a professional sport and get payed a lot of money for it. Professional athletes have it made they are getting payed millions of dollars for most athletes it’s what they love and have always wanted to do. Think about loving your job and getting payed more than most people in the world. Professional athletes futures can be affected in other good ways like giving good reputations and giving good examples for people who look up to them.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-2-20-51-pm