To make it to state.

Bottom of the ninth you’re up to bat it’s full count. The crowd is roaring behind you. This is the section finals and the opportunity to advance to the state tournament. You can’t hear anything everyone is screaming. You block out all the noise and it suddenly becomes quite. The pitcher winds up it’s almost like this moment is going in slow motion. The ball is released from his hand you see the ball coming right down the middle. Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.57.02 AMYou swing as hard as you can and watch the bat hit the ball and the ball bounces off of the bat and flies into the air. You watch the ball soar out over the outfield. The outfielder chasing it down. The ball flies right past the fence and it’s a homerun. You hear your teammates screaming as you run around the bases. Everyone is going crazy even the fans. As you touch home plate your team jumps on you and surrounds you screaming cause you just won the section finals and you’re going to state. Imagine the pressure that is on you during this moment. You feel pressure all the time during sports and baseball is one sport that you see the players under a lot of pressure.