What is bravery to you?

Walking into a stadium seventy five thousand spectators and it is just you and your teammates, your brothers vs. your enemy and his team. Spectators are watching you work your hardest to beat the your enemy. If you play football and want to be successful you need to be brave. What is bravery too you? Going out onto a field in front of thousands of people knowing you’re going to be put to the test. Being a running back and trying to run through the linemen that are twice your size and are stronger than you? Running as fast as you can trying to get away from the defensive players  to catch the ball being thrown too you not caring how hard you get hit when you jump in the air, but to just catch the ball for your team. Going against someone you know is better than you they are bigger than you faster than you. Bravery is a key aspect in sports and it is one of the best mindsets to have when playing a sport. There are many other ways to be brave like facing fears, fighting for your country, or even just in different sports like wrestling you need to go out on the mat and wrestle your hardest against someone that’s the same size as you. It’s just you and him both fighting for your teams. Bravery is a very important thing and can help you overcome a lot of things throughout your lifetime.