Get What You Put In

Have you ever heard the saying you only get what you put in? That saying is so true. There are people in this world that are naturally good at a sport, but to be great or to get to the top you need to put in the work. I have had a lot of success in sports not individually but as a team. This last summer I decided to play baseball again.screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-8-19-04-am In the town I live in we split all the kids that play babe ruth league into two different groups. I got put into a group with a couple other kids in my grade and some kids in the grade below me. We started off the season pretty good we had some strong players and some people who weren’t as good. Together we worked as a team and we definitely pushed each other and motivated each other to play harder or work harder to make the play. We attended the 2016 babe ruth state tournament. We played as a team throughout the whole entire tournament. We ended up winning the whole thing. We were state champs! That summer we put in a lot of work as a team. Playing as a team the whole time getting closer to one another always joking around with each other and always getting along really enjoying the sport. We made sure everyone felt welcome on the team and everyone knew that they had a part in the team and always had a job to do. We were dominating other teams. All the hard work we had put in as a team payed off and we got what we put in.